So, a much better week than last week.

As previously mentioned, I’ve already ran over half my target distance twice  and seen a lot better blood sugar control, thanks in no small part to buying a slow cooker.

And to top it all off, I managed a third run today; the first 3 run week since starting towards this goal of a 5k.

You know what? I couldn’t tell you how far I’d ran today. I wasn’t really feeling it, so I just got myself out there and ran (after testing my blood sugars obviously)

In other news…

I had a little bit of a strange time on Twitter this week after posting this, in a moment of amusement at the direction my life has gone this year:

Now this tweet was retweeted by, and I know they advocate a very low carb diet. Now I wasn’t really seeking advice here (just having a little laugh at myself really), but after this retweet I had 4 seperate people basically offer me advice on low carb diets. The way I see it is, my sugars are usually fine (maybe I’m in the honeymoon phase, and the cold hard hand of reality will slap me across the face at some point); but if I think my blood sugars are such that I’d be more comfortable eating a slice of toast than not (which my diabetes specialist nurse recommended for crying out loud) then I’m going to eat the toast! If I’d been eating a full blown pizza ‘just in case’ to avoid a hypo, then I’d understand… And this after I was once reprimanded for saying something along the lines of having type 1 diabetes means you need to show some discipline with your diet in a Facebook group.

Anyway, hopefully the reason why I’ve brought the above up is to explain my choice of the below…

What have I learned this week?

Some people will criticise you if you eat anything other than turkey breast and kale. Some people will criticise you if use Type 1 Diabetes as a reason not to eat 2000g of carbs in one sitting.

Keep striving to educate yourself further on how to manage diabetes of course, but take all the advice thrown your way with a pinch of salt (including mine!). If you’ve found a way that works for you don’t let anybody knock you off course because they don’t like what happens to them when they eat a 15g serving of carbs (the horror!), or the opposite, how bad you make them feel by showing some restraint.

Disclaimer – It is essential that you do not take on board any advice given on this website without first seeking the advice of a medical professional. Any descriptions of different ways in which I manage my type 1 diabetes on this website, including in the comments, are given in good faith, and are shared merely as suggestions which should be ran past a doctor or diabetes specialist nurse. 

Published by Marcus Pezzaioli

I started in September 2018 to document my attempts to get fit after a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in April the same year. I believe sharing my story can help anyone who is afraid to exercise with type 1 diabetes, and show that it is not as complicated as it may appear from other sources of information out there. If I can do it, with no CGM and on MDI, starting out as somebody who does not fit the athletic profile whatseover; then anybody can.

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