Rather than write an update every week like I did when I started out, I am going to stick to a fortnightly update for my attempt at a sub 25 minute 5K. This will allow me to write other types of articles more frequently such as ‘A Review of Bright Spots And Landmines By Adam Brown’

If you look through my posts when I documented training for my first 5K with type 1 diabetes, you’d have found a general theme of anti-perfectionism, and read me urging everyone not to beat themselves up under any circumstances. I was honest throughout and pointed out several occasions where I’d made mistakes, or skipped training runs, to show that these are both going to happen, and its important to stay in a positive mindset.

In a similar vein I am going to confess to having completed only 5 of the 6 planned runs in these first 2 weeks, having missed week 2’s tempo run as laid out in my ‘Sub 25 minute 5K Training Plan’.

Now, this time I am determined to make sure I complete every run; with the days being a guideline rather than being set in stone. I will simply make my next run a tempo run, and squeeze in week 3’s runs, all before next Sunday. Its hardly the end of the world.

The main point I was trying to get across when starting out was that its okay not to be perfect. I think now I’m aiming for an improved time my main point is that it is important to plan, stick to that plan as much as possible but you need to be flexible and adapt to events as time goes on.

In terms of how my runs actually went in these last 2 weeks… Well they have been good. All my 2.5 and 3 mile runs have been easily completed, and the distance is becoming a lot easier now. While I’m not sure I could go out and run a sub 25 minute 5K tomorrow, it definitely seems a feasible goal to achieve 8 weeks from now. 

To finish… I’m going to ask that you always take the chance to say something to anyone you see who looks like they have given up. I don’t know if its the proximity to Christmas, but there seems to have been a lot of people on the Facebook groups for type 1 diabetes who are really struggling as of late. I’m not going to go into details about what has been said in closed groups, but while all the other original posters have not replied to my comments there was a young lady who told me that what I said convinced her to start taking her basal injection again. So what I’m saying is, even if you try and say something that will help someone 99 times and don’t get any reply, don’t give up, you might just save the 100th persons life. You might have even helped most of the previous 99, but they just haven’t said anything.

Disclaimer – It is essential that you do not take on board any advice given on this website without first seeking the advice of a medical professional. Any descriptions of different ways in which I manage my type 1 diabetes on this website, including in the comments, are given in good faith, and are shared merely as suggestions which should be ran past a doctor or diabetes specialist nurse. 

Published by Marcus Pezzaioli

I started www.diabeticstokebloke.com in September 2018 to document my attempts to get fit after a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in April the same year. I believe sharing my story can help anyone who is afraid to exercise with type 1 diabetes, and show that it is not as complicated as it may appear from other sources of information out there. If I can do it, with no CGM and on MDI, starting out as somebody who does not fit the athletic profile whatseover; then anybody can.

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