Well I am late with this one… but it is a very bitter sweet post to write.

I reached the end of my 10 week training plan and ran a personal best. In fact by any reasonable measure I smashed it. I ran a 5K 2 minutes faster than I ever have before – in 25 minutes and 38 seconds.

Now… Why is that a failure?

Well, I arbitrarily decided running below 25 minutes was ‘success’ a while ago. Why 25 minutes? Probably because its a nice round number if I’m completely honest!

So do I regret setting 25 minutes as a target?

No… Despite not managing to run a 5K in under 25 minutes just yet, I am close. In fact if I hadn’t mentally given up when a pacer with a 25 minute ran past me I might just have made it. At the very least I would have been with 20 seconds or so.

One thing I do regret…

Is talking about 25 minutes so publicly. Not because of my battle to get under 25 minutes, but because putting a plan up with a time on is not the best idea.


Well for some people 25 minutes will be an unattainable dream, for others it will be laughably easy. I tried to stress that this was a personal target, and not that I knew some secret method that would allow anyone to run under 25 minutes.

The truth after all is that some people would be able to run under 25 minutes without breaking a sweat, while others will never be able to hit that target. And that’s ok.

What next?

Well, I’ve had a couple of weeks off after my attempt at a sub 25 minute 5K, so its time to get back on the horse (again). A physical and mental break was needed, but any longer would be taking it too far.

My plan is to take 2 or 3 weeks just running for fun. 3 mile/5K easy jogs here and there to get back into the swing of things.

And then… well, a new plan first of all.

And then… well, it’ll be time to make those changes to the site I’ve hinted at before…

Published by Marcus Pezzaioli

I started www.diabeticstokebloke.com in September 2018 to document my attempts to get fit after a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in April the same year. I believe sharing my story can help anyone who is afraid to exercise with type 1 diabetes, and show that it is not as complicated as it may appear from other sources of information out there. If I can do it, with no CGM and on MDI, starting out as somebody who does not fit the athletic profile whatseover; then anybody can.

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