A Review Of Think Like A Pancreas By Gary Scheiner

After being warned off 15g of carbs on Twitter once, I considered that a middle ground is not always such a bad thing. If you’re after a middle ground between Bright Spots And Landmines’ tips and Diabetes For Dummies’ everything-you-need-to-know styles, then this book might just be for you. About The Author Gary Scheiner is […]

A Review Of Diabetes For Dummies By Dr Alan Rubin and Dr Sarah Jarvis

In my review of Bright Spots And Landmines by Adam Brown, I said, If you’re the type of person who likes ‘hacks’ or simple-to-follow advice, then Bright Spots And Landmines will be a book you’ll enjoy and find useful. However if you’re after a deep dive into the science behind type 1 diabetes then you’ll […]

A Review Of Bright Spots And Landmines by Adam Brown

I have previously talked about the book ‘Bright Spots & Landmines’. (See the posts ‘A Fever Strikes’ and ‘Woah, We’re Half Way There’ ). In this post I review the book, and discuss some key ideas that have helped me immeasurably since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes nearly 8 months ago (April 2018). About […]