So, as the title suggests I’ve hit the 2.5 mile mark that I believe is the max needed in training for the parkrun (a week on Saturday! Where does the time go??)

As you can see, I’m pretty chuffed about it!

A few things I need to consider forward: (Non-affiliate external links below)

  • I really need to start considering carb intake around my runs now that they are around the 30 minute mark, to make sure my blood sugars stay in range. I’ve used fruit pastels tonight, but should have really made a proper note of how many and what effect they had. I’m going on a mission to get a good supply of dextro energy tables
  • I really need to get a running belt. Running home from work with a back pack is probably just about socially acceptable, but late at night, or in the early hours of the morning is probably making the neighbours think I’m a tad eccentric.
  • I need a watch. A cheap digital one will do the job for now, I just want to take a couple of dextro tables after the 20 min mark as a precaution. I’m reliant on the Runkeeper App by ASICS at the moment, which shouts at me from my backpack occasionally. (This app has been great by the way for after my runs, to see how far I have ran).

10 days to go!

Disclaimer – It is essential that you do not take on board any advice given on this website without first seeking the advice of a medical professional. Any descriptions of different ways in which I manage my type 1 diabetes on this website, including in the comments, are given in good faith, and are shared merely as suggestions which should be ran past a doctor or diabetes specialist nurse. 

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I started in September 2018 to document my attempts to get fit after a diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in April the same year. I believe sharing my story can help anyone who is afraid to exercise with type 1 diabetes, and show that it is not as complicated as it may appear from other sources of information out there. If I can do it, with no CGM and on MDI, starting out as somebody who does not fit the athletic profile whatseover; then anybody can.

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